What people are saying...

Talia has worked on a few of my Jumpers and the difference I felt from only a few sessions was remarkable. My horses love Talia and I highly recommend her therapy.

-Carly Campbell-Cooper

Talia has been performing Equi-Bow on my horse for the better part of a year now and the difference it has made is incredible. Even after the very first session I could feel how loose and happy she felt. Having a non-invasive modality that works so well is a dream come true. I have even been able to reduce the amount of maintenance (chiropractic and other veterinary treatments) that I used to just consider ‘routine’. I would highly recommend Talia to anyone for any horse, whether it be to help resolve an issue, or to spoil your horse and keep them feeling their best.

- Lisa Balaz 

I met Talia Harvie in September 2015 when she came to work at our stable. She has always been punctual, dependable, hardworking and pleasant to other staff and clients. Talia has a very calm and positive demeanour that allows her to handle the most difficult of horses. She seems to have a special connection with animals. While working for us, she was in charge of the rehab programs for any injured horses. You could be assured they were receiving the best care.

During her educational training, Talia requested permission to work on some of our horses for her case studies. The horses that she preformed Equi-Bow on required less veterinary work and seemed very happy to see her and receive their sessions. 

I would recommend Talia for Equi-Bow and will hire her to work on ours in the future. 

- Marsie Vince

Talia started to work on our 2 mares in the fall of 2018. Initially it was to give the mares a general exam and work-over. Through her thoughtful and careful observations Talia questioned specific things about the horses. With my mare she noticed her tenderness around her abdomen and pectoral region. Through her questioning and observations she has been able to work on specific areas on both our horses. Her care for both of the horses has been remarkable. We have seen improvement in our horses movement and in my mare's digestive system. Talia has been wonderful to work with. We look forward to her continuing to be part of our care program for our horses. 

-Wendy Francolini