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What is Equi-Bow?

The Equi-Bow technique is an effective and gentle combination of Bowen, Cranial Sacral, and Feldenkrais techniques that aid in shifting your horse back to a natural state of balance. Equi-Bow is a light touch neuromuscular, re-patterning technique that through soft, gentle movements influences the fascia to facilitate healing of the entire body. (Fascia is a vast network of collagenous tissue which encompasses the entire body: bones, organs, muscles, tendons and ligaments.)

During a session, the practitioner works by making small rolling movements over specific muscles and areas of fascial connection to access the nervous system. The movements, by way of the nervous system, create vibrations which send a message to the brain. During a pause, the information is processed and shifts the body to a place where it can relax and heal. This shift in the autonomic nervous system is switching the body from sympathetic (fight/flight) to parasympathetic (rest/digest), which works as a rest and allows the body to begin healing itself. Once this shift begins the effects of Equi-Bow are numerous and long lasting. Some of the benefits include improving emotional/behavioural issues, allergies, fascial hydration, muscle relaxation, supporting optimal movement/posture, organ function, lymphatic drainage, and lessening pain. Most horses become extremely calm and relaxed during a session. While some may notice differences right away, it takes many two or three sessions to notice improvements.

Why choose Equi-Bow?

Elite Equine Bodywork provides an effective, proven bodywork technique to enhance the performance of the equine athlete. Our unique bodywork modality is designed to support each individual equine athlete's needs. With our gentle and non-invasive approach, little to no down-time is required, allowing your equine partner to continue performing at their best during the competition season. The aim of Elite Equine Bodywork is to support your horse's body function, prevent injury, and maintain balance.

Equi-Bow is a holistic approach to equine health which in no way replaces veterinary medicine but instead is complementary to veterinary care, chiropractic care and other forms of bodywork. Practitioners do not make diagnoses.

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